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On 25/01/2013, in Hanoi, TRAMOC organized Officials and employees’ Conference in 2012 and plan implementation in 2013.

   Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh – Vice Director of Department of Transport, Ms. Dao Lan Anh – President of Transport Union, the chief and deputy of the professional department of DOT, the leaders of the public passenger transport units in Hanoi and more 100 officials and employees.

   Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai – Director of Tramoc presented the results of the 2012’s tasks, orientation of 2013’s tasks, summed up the events of 2012 and launched the movement for officials and employees to complete 2013’s plans.
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh – Director of DOT  appreciated the activities of Tramoc in 2012. He suggested all public officials to promote youth, unite to build a growing center.
   Some photos at the conference:
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai - Director of Tramoc
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh - Vice Director of DOT
Ms. Dao Lan Anh - President of Transport Union

Các tin khác :
  • Hanoi Transport Sector Sports Festival (27/06/2013)
  • New members admission ceremony (29/01/2013)
  • Bid opening Ceremony - provides public passenger transport service by bus for 02 new bus routes No. 61 and 62 (10/01/2013)
  • New bus fare decision (19/09/2012)
  • Trade Union. Congress of Hanoi public transport managemen and operation center in term 2012 – 2014 (17/05/2012)
  • Campaign: Friday for Bus (25/10/2011)
  • The program issued Guiding Bus Passengers Handbook (11/07/2011)
  • Discussion between Hanoi Public Transport Management and Operation Center (Tramoc) and The World Bank (WB) (08/04/2010)
  • The Buses are ready operated in Long Bien interchange construction -ECOTRANS Project (23/02/2009)
  • Bus drivers cause congestion shall be punished (18/11/2008)
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